Woodside Guest House (5)

Woodside House

Woodside Guest House

I like buildings that are functional, practical, and beautiful, with simple forms that are detailed sensibly and with care.

A two-phase project — a major renovation/addition with selective demolition to a 1930s Georgian Colonial-style house that had weathered a series of previous, disjointed additions — was followed several years later by the addition of a 1,450 SF guest house and two garages, an entry parking court, arbors, paths, and courtyards to create a clear arrival point and housing for guests. Structurally expressive roof forms and skylights characterize spaces in both phases; the octagonal double-height solarium that anchors the corner of the family room/kitchen in the phase-one addition provided inspiration for the ceiling of the phase-two garage. Designed while at EHDD Architecture, phase one was done in association with Joe Esherick; phase two was completed as a consultant through Cathy Schwabe Architecture.

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