Choose a suitable rental apartment in Vietnam

Today, instead of choosing to rent an apartment in the city center, many households or individuals come to study, work and settle in Hanoi – Vietnam, choosing apartments farther from the center. However, in the midst of so many apartments today, choosing a suitable apartment is not easy for many people. Through this article, Alpha Housing will guide you on how to choose the most suitable apartment.

In the Hanoi real estate market, there are quite a few apartment projects that have been implemented. This also means that customers have more options to choose from, but on the other hand, it also makes them confused because they don’t know which project best suits their living conditions and financial ability.

To be able to choose the most ideal apartment, you can refer to the tips below.

Not necessarily the central location

An apartment located right in the central area is always the dream of everyone because this is a complete infrastructure area, full services, high population area and convenient for travel. However, these areas often have very high prices, with limited economic families, it is difficult to own a home in this area. Therefore, the location of the apartment you should choose is to satisfy the criteria of being close to work and school, instead of near the central location.

Which floor is the best to live on?

According to the experience of renting for many people before, the ideal floor apartment for you to choose is suitable for your family situation, for example:
Families with elderly people and small children should not rent apartments on a high floor because moving will be a bit difficult, although the apartments have their own elevators, but in case of sudden incidents, it is also difficult. difficult to move. In addition, living in an apartment that is too high will also create a feeling of being overwhelmed due to reduced pressure, which can cause some unwanted diseases in the elderly and children, due to weak resistance.

Should rent an apartment in the right direction

When choosing to rent an apartment, if the economy is good, you should choose to rent corner apartments because these apartments have many open sides, open space, and lots of light, so more people will like the apartments in the middle. In addition, it is advisable to choose apartments facing the southeast balcony because the summer will be cool and the winter will be warm.

Pay attention to the parking lot

Quite a few foreigners have a means of transport in Vietnam, even a car. But do not think that Vietnam is a small country, to have a fixed parking lot needs great attention.
You should be concerned that the underground parking system here is convenient? How is the parking fee? Is there a limit to the number of cars? All these issues need to be clearly taken care of by the tenant before signing the contract to avoid unnecessary troubles later when moving in.

Do not ignore the small apartments

We need a home to live in. But more than that, we need a good environment to live in. There are all amenities to serve your family’s life. It’s schools, supermarkets, hospitals, parks… Large projects are often invested in synchronously, so residents there can find all services around where they live. Small projects are limited in this respect.

However, according to the experience of single people sharing a house, with today’s competitive market situation, in small projects, you can still see the presence of a preschool, swimming pool, etc. sports center, even a clinic, cinema… right inside the apartment building.

Rental price

The variety of apartments also comes with rental prices, the rental price in Vietnam is limitless. Rent will depend on: location, characteristics, number of floors, direction, amenities, quality and quantity of furniture. So, give your maximum budget and requirements so that real estate companies can give the best advice.

Do not find yourself the best apartment to rent, but find yourself the most suitable apartment. You can refer to the link below owned by Alpha Housing Real Estate Company: