Carmel House (9)

Carmel House

House in Santa Lucia Preserve, Carmel Valley

Design inspiration — while guided by client dreams, goals, and ideas — comes most often from the special qualities of the site itself: light, landscape, views, local context, and spirit.

Located on a sloping site in the Santa Lucia Preserve, the house fronts on open grassland below and looks along the back through a spaced screen of California live oaks into dense woodlands up the hill. The one-story, 3,025 SF house was designed for two busy professionals as a weekend place of sanctuary and spiritual regeneration that was to segue into a year-round home. The building winds along the contours with a low, gable-roofed bedroom/study wing at either end of a central high-roofed, clerestory-lit core for living, dining, and cooking. The earth-colored stucco, charcoal-grey roof, and sage-green doors and windows echo the dusty, sun-baked colors of the site. The introduced landscape is kept simple and meets the natural grasslands, mown twice a year, which change with the seasons from green to gold.